Erangu Erangu....Erangu

Time : 8:40 PM 
Location : A51 City Bus from Pallikaranai to Chennai Central station.

The conductor was chanting "Erangu"....

I asked my wife..(she talks with our maid in Tamil)..what does it mean ? 

She replied -"Not sure .. May be he is telling to move"

My Four year old daughter slowly said...."Nanna....Erangu antae....kindaku digu ani...antae go down".

....a little shocked and a little surprised by her Tamil, Telugu and English translations.......her 1 year of school is far better than my 7 years of stay in Chennai

Long Shorts.

A couple of weeks back on a Saturday, I came to pick you up from the School Bus stop. The Stop is near to the house and is 5 minute walk or 60 second ride on bike.

Since it is Saturday, and I am at home, I came to pick you up and I came in long shorts. There are other parents also along with me at the bus stop.

The bus came and you saw me, gave a smile, got down the bus and looked at me and said..

"Enti naana, Nikker okatae vesukunnav ? pant vesuko leedenti ? marchi poyava ? enduku vesukoledu" (What Daddy, Why did you wear only shorts? Why you didnot wear Pant ? Did you forget ? Why you didnot wear?) .. I tried to behave as if I did not hear that..but you are persistent, Kept asking me the same again and again and I looked around and saw other parents smiling at me (Quite an embarrassing moment though)..

and then I have to tell, "yes I forgot to wear, Next time, I will come only in Pants".

and she replied. "OK, when you come to pick me up, don;t forget to wear Pants". ..

I said.."Sure."

and...... interesting class from my 4 year old daughter.

Visit to Vandalur Zoo

We went to Vandalur zoo on August 15th, 2012. 

you are getting bored to stay at home and was pushing me to take to park (Guindy national Park), to see deer and crocodile. and then I promised you to take to a much bigger park and said we would go to zoo which is much bigger than park.

On the day, I didn't have to wake you up, I whispered in your ears "Lets go..Zoo and see tigers". woke up with excitement.."lets go"..

we need to take the velachery main road to reach Tambaram and then towards Vandalur. For your school , BVSS in Perumbakkam, the same road needs to be taken till medavakkam. Till we crossed Medavakkam, you kept on acting and acting to make sure we are not going to were explaining me that this route is for school and the route for Zoo is on the other side, with reason that I forgot to take the left turn on the main road.....and then after crossing Medavakaam, with quite a bit of relief in face, ...."we are going to Zoo..!!!!! ..and not to school...."

Zoo was one of you favorite places...we almost spent the complete day...from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.....Me and your Mom are almost tired of walking and walking the whole day.....We were surprised on how you got so much energy to run the complete day...

you laughing and shouting started when we saw Lions in the Lion Safari.

.you were completely out of control...Running.....laughing out loud.....imitating others in walking....after almost the complete day of running and running, the moment we got into the car and started home, within a couple of minutes, you went to deep sleep........

Soo enjoyable was the day, that every time there is Lion in the TV, you would ask me to show the videos in the laptop.

The Puzzle lady

A horse puzzle was presented to you on a dinner party at my boss's home. It's a 100 Piece puzzle and your favorite one. 

Every day I come from office, no matter what the time is, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. in the wait and wait and as soon as I come and relax before dinner, you would push me to take the puzzle...

We do it every day, every time you want it.......... the same puzzle.......redo and redo and redo and redo......

I don't know how you don't get bored with the same puzzle and yes I wouldn't get bored playing the same puzzle again and again.......

Long Long Time

Its a very very long time that have written.....the moment I intent to scribble it, the very next moment, the laziness wins the war, and I am back to Normal busy busy life....May be its time I should take some energy drink to defeat the laziness and start writing them down....

Cleanly Shaven Head

The Second day after Shaving your head.... :-)

Teacher Complaint.

23th June 2011 is a very bad day. I had to come to your school to defend you. I had to convince your teacher that you know quite of bit of numbers , alphabets and rhymes. your Teacher complained that you were not responding to her in the school........Damn.....!!!!!!!!!

12 years of schooling father never came to school to defend me....6 months of school and I had to come to defend you.....Felt bad...very bad.....very very bad....

you mom decided to put in discipline. not to give everything you ask and cry for.....Make to say every thing they teach in the school ........crying almost most of the day for the first was ok....lets your mom puts you on tracks :-)