Long Shorts.

A couple of weeks back on a Saturday, I came to pick you up from the School Bus stop. The Stop is near to the house and is 5 minute walk or 60 second ride on bike.

Since it is Saturday, and I am at home, I came to pick you up and I came in long shorts. There are other parents also along with me at the bus stop.

The bus came and you saw me, gave a smile, got down the bus and looked at me and said..

"Enti naana, Nikker okatae vesukunnav ? pant vesuko leedenti ? marchi poyava ? enduku vesukoledu" (What Daddy, Why did you wear only shorts? Why you didnot wear Pant ? Did you forget ? Why you didnot wear?) .. I tried to behave as if I did not hear that..but you are persistent, Kept asking me the same again and again and I looked around and saw other parents smiling at me (Quite an embarrassing moment though)..

and then I have to tell, "yes I forgot to wear, Next time, I will come only in Pants".

and she replied. "OK, when you come to pick me up, don;t forget to wear Pants". ..

I said.."Sure."

and...... hmmm.......an interesting class from my 4 year old daughter.