The Cry.

May be you don't want to cry or you feel there is no need to cry. Very little did I see you crying. Captured a video to store how do you cry. Fortunately or unfortunately, I took very long time to captured this small video of 3 seconds. I strongly feel that my angel is tooooo lazy when it comes to crying....

Angel Wearing a Baniyan.....

I bought a nice white little gown. As the inside portion of the garment is hard, bought a couple of Vests(Baniyans). Bad thing is the gown was small for you. The good thing is you looked so cute in the little white vest.

The Story of a Cute Little Yellow Pant

Long long body knows how long ago, there lived a little cute yellow pant. It has been waiting for right one, who can wear it. The wait longed for year after year and year after year. After so many years of waiting and waiting, the pant finally decided to go on for a serious "Tapasya" and god gave a boon to the pant. It was told that a cute little angel will bless the pant. One fine day, a messenger from god motivated on one old gentle man to buy that pant for his sweet little grand daughter. The Pant felt very happy and lived happily ever after with the sweet little angel. Interesting thing is, that cute little yellow pant was your first pant. I couldn't figure out whether pant entertained you or you entertained it. Or is it that both of you together entertaining us ? How can I forgot you glowing face with the cute yellow pant.

A Serious News Reader.

One fine day, your grandfather is not entertaining you but rather busy reading news paper. No Wonder you started shouting. Not able to bear your shouting voice he turned the news paper to your side and you started reading it aloud in your whoooo whooo language. So cute to see you reading news paper like this.

The Whoooo Whoooo Language.

A new Language that only you and your mother understands, the Whoo Whoo Language. I could only see a small flavour change in the voice of Whoo and not a single meaning that I can understand.

I thought I should make a try to understand....and your mom explains me what you want whenever you make a whoo whoo sound. This is what I remember..

1. Whooo Whooo - "Your stomach is full and happy mood".

2. Whoooa Whooooa - "You are bored and want someone to play with you".

3. Whooo Whooooaa Whoooaaaa Whooooo - "Want milk But not in a mood to cry"

4. Whooooaaaa Whoooooaaa Whoooaaaa - "Want milk and setting up everything for a cry but still not a mood to cry".

5. Whooo Whooo Waaaaa Waaaa - There is no meaning in this.....You are simply shouting

6. Whoo Whooo - "You are feeling something wet and calling your mom for a change".

7. Whooo Whooo - "Enjoying the bath"

8. Whooo Whoo - "Like the Oil message"

I still don't understand this communication in Whoo Whoo..... language. Thats still a mystery for a communication engineering graduate like me who learned different communication techniques as a course for 4+2 Years.

Joy Forever.

A thing of beauty is joy forever. and if that thing is ours then the joy knows no bounds. First joy , when I saw your video on the scan monitor. Completely thrilled to see you float in the safest place in this world, your moms womb. Next time you made me float when I saw you in swing in the hospital room in nalluri nursing home. This snap is taken on your 9 th day. Its already 4 months completed that you entered this world but still looks like you are a days baby for me :-)