The famour position.

The famous position that you always take when you are serious looking at some one or counting something for unknown accounts. :-) .

Different Flavours of Angel.

One video where you are seriously observing me while I am taking your video. Laughing and then playing...

Pottying is such sweet sorrow - by Nirupama Subramanian

Nice article by Nirupama Subramanian. courtesy

It is a pleasant dream. My little Kaavya is going off to college. She's all grown up. I can't see her face clearly but I know it's her. Kaavya doesn't look very excited though. "I hope you've packed everything?" I ask. She looks around at the suitcases, bags and a large cardboard box. "Mummy, I wish I didn't have to take this big carton of DIAPERS ," she sighs. I can feel her eyes looking at me, sadly, yet accusingly...

I woke up, shaking. I knew it was a sign. I had to start toilet training her soon!

Unfortunately, babies do not come with a "How To" manual. Fortunately however, there are plenty of books, websites and experienced mothers to bombard you with advice on toilet training. It shouldn't be so difficult, I thought. If Kaavya was old enough to point to the fridge and say "tothlet" she could point and say "Potty" as well.

After scouring through my trusty 'What To Expect - The Toddler Years," I felt I was ready to begin. The trick was to find out if Kaavya was ready. For three whole days, Big Mother was watching her every move. I looked hard for the 'look' that apparently indicates readiness for any bodily function. I took her to the bathroom and described its features like a broker trying to pass off a tenement as the Taj Mahal. I bought a little red potty and decorated it lovingly with a Winnie the Pooh sticker and little silver stars. In fact, it looked too pretty to be used for its designated purpose!

I still could not make out whether we should take the great leap forward. A premature initiative could leave scars on her tender young mind and put her off toilets forever.

Around the same time, I bumped into my old classmate at the supermarket. She proudly showed off her 15-month-old boy. "I potty trained Ayush when he was barely six months," she claimed. "Now, he doesn't wear diapers at all. In fact, his first words were 'Mama, soo-soo..'"

It was time. All systems said Go. I sat Kaavya on the potty for the first time and waited. Now I know what the farmers feel when they watch for the first signs of rain. I was not blessed with even a few drops! Instead, Kaavya got up after examining the Winnie Pooh sticker and wandered off. All efforts to get her back on the potty were met with strong resistance. When I threatened to take back chocolate privileges, she launched an uncivil disobedience movement.

I had to try something else. "Make her feel like an adult," suggested the book. I got a potty seat and placed it on the WC. "Now Kaavya is a big girl," I coaxed her. She will use big potty." Once she's on it, she can't run away, I thought. I plonked her down. Before I could let go, Kaavya chose to develop a sudden bout of vertigo. She shrieked and squealed as though I was torturing her, till I lifted her out and put her on terra firma.

"Encourage her," advised my pediatrician. "She needs motivation. Don't push her or scold her." I complied. Any small deed was rewarded with loud cries of "Good Girl, Yea Kaavya," accompanied with an excited clapping of hands. When she sat on the potty, I did a little jig in front of her with a big smile on my face and a musical rattle in my hands. A couple of pompoms and I could have passed off as a one-woman cheerleading squad. The other day, when my husband came home early from work, I greeted him with an effusive cry: "Good show, way to Go!" When I patted him on the head and said "Good boy" after he helped me to clear up the table, he hinted that I might be overdoing it. However, it had no effect on Kaavya. I am sure it is easier to teach a Royal Bengal Tiger to jump through fiery hoops.

"It's timing," said a helpful cousin. Kaavya was as reliable as the
Indian Railway system. Just when I thought I could detect a pattern, she changed the timetable. " Keep her without diapers and take her to the bathroom every hour," suggested someone else. Great! I might as well pitch a tent and camp in front of the potty with Kaavya. Since her interest in sitting on the potty lasted for all of four minutes, it took all my creative talents to induce her to sit there long enough to see results. I conducted puppet shows, recited all known nursery rhymes and narrated the story of Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp for the 20th time while waiting for Kaavya to do her job.

"How did you spend your day?" my husband would ask in the evening." In the bathroom," I would reply glumly. " What did you do? " he would
persist. "I read the newspaper in the bathroom. I spoke to my sister-from the bathroom. I dozed for few minutes-in the bathroom." He doesn't ask me such questions any more.

Kaavya is 22 month old now. Our house smells alternately of disinfectant and baby piss. I have bought a nice little stool and a bookshelf for the bathroom. I have made some progress as well. Kaavya and I have opened a channel of communication.

I often ask her, "Where should you do potty?"
"Bathooom" she replies.
"Where in the bathroom?" I ask,
"Potty," she says.
"Will you tell Mummy when you want to go?" I continue.
"Yeah", comes the prompt reply.
"Does Kaavya want to do soo-soo now?" I persist.
"No" she retorts.
A small puddle forms at her feet. It is monsoon in Mumbai now.

I have decided to be patient. She will learn on her own. Meanwhile, I have started accepting donations towards Kaavya's Diaper Fund. I have to be prepared for the expenses towards her higher education!

The Cry.

May be you don't want to cry or you feel there is no need to cry. Very little did I see you crying. Captured a video to store how do you cry. Fortunately or unfortunately, I took very long time to captured this small video of 3 seconds. I strongly feel that my angel is tooooo lazy when it comes to crying....

Angel Wearing a Baniyan.....

I bought a nice white little gown. As the inside portion of the garment is hard, bought a couple of Vests(Baniyans). Bad thing is the gown was small for you. The good thing is you looked so cute in the little white vest.

The Story of a Cute Little Yellow Pant

Long long body knows how long ago, there lived a little cute yellow pant. It has been waiting for right one, who can wear it. The wait longed for year after year and year after year. After so many years of waiting and waiting, the pant finally decided to go on for a serious "Tapasya" and god gave a boon to the pant. It was told that a cute little angel will bless the pant. One fine day, a messenger from god motivated on one old gentle man to buy that pant for his sweet little grand daughter. The Pant felt very happy and lived happily ever after with the sweet little angel. Interesting thing is, that cute little yellow pant was your first pant. I couldn't figure out whether pant entertained you or you entertained it. Or is it that both of you together entertaining us ? How can I forgot you glowing face with the cute yellow pant.

A Serious News Reader.

One fine day, your grandfather is not entertaining you but rather busy reading news paper. No Wonder you started shouting. Not able to bear your shouting voice he turned the news paper to your side and you started reading it aloud in your whoooo whooo language. So cute to see you reading news paper like this.

The Whoooo Whoooo Language.

A new Language that only you and your mother understands, the Whoo Whoo Language. I could only see a small flavour change in the voice of Whoo and not a single meaning that I can understand.

I thought I should make a try to understand....and your mom explains me what you want whenever you make a whoo whoo sound. This is what I remember..

1. Whooo Whooo - "Your stomach is full and happy mood".

2. Whoooa Whooooa - "You are bored and want someone to play with you".

3. Whooo Whooooaa Whoooaaaa Whooooo - "Want milk But not in a mood to cry"

4. Whooooaaaa Whoooooaaa Whoooaaaa - "Want milk and setting up everything for a cry but still not a mood to cry".

5. Whooo Whooo Waaaaa Waaaa - There is no meaning in this.....You are simply shouting

6. Whoo Whooo - "You are feeling something wet and calling your mom for a change".

7. Whooo Whooo - "Enjoying the bath"

8. Whooo Whoo - "Like the Oil message"

I still don't understand this communication in Whoo Whoo..... language. Thats still a mystery for a communication engineering graduate like me who learned different communication techniques as a course for 4+2 Years.

Joy Forever.

A thing of beauty is joy forever. and if that thing is ours then the joy knows no bounds. First joy , when I saw your video on the scan monitor. Completely thrilled to see you float in the safest place in this world, your moms womb. Next time you made me float when I saw you in swing in the hospital room in nalluri nursing home. This snap is taken on your 9 th day. Its already 4 months completed that you entered this world but still looks like you are a days baby for me :-)

The golden girl.

Last week your grandmother bought four golden bangles and a chain...Took a immediate shot with that along with the white necklace I bought on your 15th day.

The aspiring model.

I wonder sometimes about the expressions you make. Do you really make them for some purpose or kind of the preplanned activity. One smile that kept everyone float in air is this...
.It all starts with a staring look at around you and when you are sure starts with a smile...and confirming everybody around you , you make a big laugh and people go crazy.

Darling of everyone.

Its just one month that you entered this world but you became darling of everyone. hmm.....Quite surprising to see how much you have changed the daily routine. Your grandfather, who never use to come home before 9:00 PM , is now coming back home at 3:00 in the afternoon and yes, no going back to office. I was kind of surprised to see him wandering in the hall and the portuko as I was playing with you the whole day and he was kind of waiting for his chance :-) . Not your mention your mom. She almost forgot to talk non-kid related items. "Kid is doing this", "Kid is doing that", "Kid is like this", "Kid is like that".......May be yes I was also into the moood of the listening to more of the kid than of the kid's mother :-) . Should I mention about your mama, and your two bathing employees :-) . The list goes on ....

The Tragedy of three days...

Hmmmm.....It happened a couple of weeks back. You got a vaccination injection to your left thigh and bhooooooommmmm.......The crying show started.....As nobody didnot see your crying for a long time....everybody kind of surprised, shocked, confused....not knowing what do.....Its only after 3 days your are back to your normal state.....The three days were a kind of tragedy for everyone...No body slept or did any work...

No Clothes....

Last Sunday was when you are about to complete 1 month. Yes, ...Just...One Month.. You were not at all comfortable with the new frock. I removed it and before your mom started applying powder, I took some quick snaps.....

Your Employees.

Its not even 1 month for you and there are already six people working for you. One feeder (your mom), one servant and one maid (your grand parents to keep changing the wet clothes) , two helpers(your mom's father's sisters) to give my angel the wonderful bath and a visiting round the clock care taker (your maama)

Oh...wondering about the salary they get...yes...they get a hourly salary......a wet cloth from your bottom.....and yes they do get a bonus once in a day for their great commitment for the job .... thats a sweet smile like this for which they die for....

The Dumbbell day...

On june 5 th, we had a prayer for you and one of my professors of my B.Tech college (Bapatla Engineering college) by name Niranjan was also invited. He presented a kit for you and dumbbells pair is one of them. Nobody really looked at them or atleast took time to experiment with them. One day your maama gave them to you and whoooolaaaaaa.... you started to dance.......pretty funny to watch...your father missed the wonderful moment...but carefully captured to give your father a visual feast...

Cutting the first Cake

Today is the first day we went to church after you entered this world...Different think to see is that you never cried in inspite of the loud message shouted at the speakers of church.... Pretty good hold of the knife you had while making the first cut to the cake..... want the close up of your it is........

Nice feast at home after the church...and yes a small photo session before that..... :-)

The Four Gaurdians...

Very fortunate are the people who can see their little new born kids every day and your father is not one of them. I come only once a week and stay for two days. But don't you have to worry, there are four people around you all the time. Your mom, your grand parents and finally your maama. Between these four are sleeping in peace...

Every Body has a name.

Today one of my previous collegue asked about your name. I am kind of confused on what to tell but ended up telling a story than a name. This is what I explained......

"I call her by name "poori". But until now, very little or never did I use the name to address. Always use to mention or call or address as "My Kid". Her Mom like her name to be Venissa..and some version of it...Veni...and what else each one calls her with a different name. "Chinnulu", "Bangaru", "Chinnoda", "Bangaru talli", "Kiddy", "Chinna talli" and the list goes on ..... Atleast these are the names I heard people calling her. But she never worried on what name people call her..but always smiles....and rarely cries.."

My Angel entered this world.

From a couple of days, I was feeling I should write down what I feel for my angel. May be some time or later when she want to know how I was, though she cannot travel back in time, she can atleast read this. At the beginning I thought I would write them down on paper but may be my laziness to use pen and paper prompted me to use a blog. For the rest of the blog I will address this to my angel for whom I am writing this.............