The Whoooo Whoooo Language.

A new Language that only you and your mother understands, the Whoo Whoo Language. I could only see a small flavour change in the voice of Whoo and not a single meaning that I can understand.

I thought I should make a try to understand....and your mom explains me what you want whenever you make a whoo whoo sound. This is what I remember..

1. Whooo Whooo - "Your stomach is full and happy mood".

2. Whoooa Whooooa - "You are bored and want someone to play with you".

3. Whooo Whooooaa Whoooaaaa Whooooo - "Want milk But not in a mood to cry"

4. Whooooaaaa Whoooooaaa Whoooaaaa - "Want milk and setting up everything for a cry but still not a mood to cry".

5. Whooo Whooo Waaaaa Waaaa - There is no meaning in this.....You are simply shouting

6. Whoo Whooo - "You are feeling something wet and calling your mom for a change".

7. Whooo Whooo - "Enjoying the bath"

8. Whooo Whoo - "Like the Oil message"

I still don't understand this communication in Whoo Whoo..... language. Thats still a mystery for a communication engineering graduate like me who learned different communication techniques as a course for 4+2 Years.