The Story of a Cute Little Yellow Pant

Long long body knows how long ago, there lived a little cute yellow pant. It has been waiting for right one, who can wear it. The wait longed for year after year and year after year. After so many years of waiting and waiting, the pant finally decided to go on for a serious "Tapasya" and god gave a boon to the pant. It was told that a cute little angel will bless the pant. One fine day, a messenger from god motivated on one old gentle man to buy that pant for his sweet little grand daughter. The Pant felt very happy and lived happily ever after with the sweet little angel. Interesting thing is, that cute little yellow pant was your first pant. I couldn't figure out whether pant entertained you or you entertained it. Or is it that both of you together entertaining us ? How can I forgot you glowing face with the cute yellow pant.